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Looking for a way to make inexpensive international calls from your home or cellphone while still in the USA? Click here for telna long distance service.

International travelers - save on your roaming fees!

With telna Mobile, you can:

· receive calls on your US or Canadian telna Mobile number while at home or traveling in any of the 189 countries where the service is available
· call back home or to anywhere in the world at affordable rates
· access the internet from your laptop or phone while on the go
· use the wifi calling service to save even more when using a smartphone with wifi (wireless internet) capabilities

For a low annual fee of $19 (plus taxes), telna Mobile postpaid service is less expensive and more convenient than rental phones or a prepaid international SIM card that expires. There are no minimum usage requirements or contracts. The service is available every time you need it, just like a regular cellphone plan, and you can use it at home too! You receive monthly bills for your calling usage only during those months when you use your telna Mobile service.

Say goodbye to high roaming fees.
Welcome to telna Mobile!

Unique features for international travelers

Be reachable across the USA and in 188 countries on 311 networks,
       including on some airlines and cruise ships!

Single US, Canadian, UK or German mobile number for all your callers
Works with your existing unlocked cellphone in most cases
Affordable rates for in- and outbound calls at home and abroad
Lower rates when calling between telna Mobiles.
Even lower rates when you use the wifi calling feature
Free incoming calls when you use the wifi calling feature
Low annual fee - No minimum usage - No long term contracts
Post-paid service. No prepaid credits that expire
Send free text messages from the USA and
       receive free text messages worldwide
Includes global visual voicemail. Pickup messages online for free
Dual cutout SIM card. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
Advanced online billing service with call details

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telna Mobile is a service of Telecom North America a provider of low-cost international long distance service.