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telna Mobile brings Canada roaming rates to near-local rate level

After establishing preferred roaming agreements with the Bell Mobility and Telus 3G networks that together cover more than 95% of the Canadian population, telna is passing along the savings by lowering roaming rates in Canada so much, that its hard to even call it roaming anymore.

Effective immediately the cost of inbound calls is lowered from $1.69 per minute to $0.15 per minute. This rate is among the lowest in the country for pay-per-use service (that is, without subscribing to a special plan or committing to any minimum usage). Text messages to numbers in the US or Canada are lowered from $0.60 per message to $0.15 per message and 3G data rates are decreased from $0.78 per 50 kb to $0.0245 per 50 kb.

"With roaming rates so low, it is hard to even call it roaming anymore. We intend to offer low rates in the entire North American continent, so you can expect some decreases for roaming in Mexico in the very near future." says Jean Gottschalk, President of Telecom North America. telna's continued goal is to allow customers to communicate freely wherever they are, without worrying about costs, and this is now possible for the 30 million US and Canadian travelers crossing the border each year. The low rates will leave telna Mobile customers more money in their pockets that they don't have to reluctantly hand over to "the phone company".

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