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Spend less while roaming in China with telna Mobile

Despite already offering the lowest international roaming rates among all US wireless carriers, telna Mobile has lowered its rates for roaming in China even further, following a decrease from the Chinese cellular carriers.

The rate for incoming calls is lowered from $0.59 per minute to $0.25 per minute. This is a reduction of more than half: not very often can you find a telecommunications provider generous enough to lower rates that much. Specially when the competition is charging up to 14 times more (T-Mobile's rate while roaming in China is $3.59/minute, while AT&T's rates start at $1.99 and Verizon Wireless' at $1.99). The rates for outgoing calls using telna Mobile now start from $0.28 per minute for calling back to the USA, while customers with a wifi capable smartphone, and wifi coverage, can make and receive calls for free!

In addition to lowering the cost of voice calls, the cost of text messages was also lowered and now starts at $0.10 per message for messages sent to the USA or Canada.

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