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telna Mobile lowers cost of roaming in India

Once again telna Mobile aims to offer the best deal possible for its customers by securing a preferential agreement with the networks Aircel and Uninor in India, bringing rates to incredibly low levels. As usual, telna Mobile is immediately passing through the savings by lowering the rates extended to its customers while roaming in India.

With incoming calls at $0.89 per minute, the rate is up to 4 times lower than that offered by other US carriers (for comparison: T-Mobile's current rate is $3.59, AT&T's is $2.49 and Verizon Wireless' is $1.99). Outgoing calls start at $0.92 per minute, SMS start from $0.45 per message and data is as low as 4¢ per 50 KB on Aircel's network ($0.82 per MB).

Herve Andrieu, co-founder of Telecom North America Inc., says: "It is rare to be able to drop international roaming rates so significantly and we are happy to help our customers save more while they travel in India. It is our company's goal to help customers save on their roaming costs around the world."

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